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Weather in Nikolaev

Nikolaev is situated in the South of Ukraine. This is why warm weather reigns here most of the time. But it is often windy since the town stands on 2 rivers – Ingul and Pivdennuy Buh. The climate in Nikolaev is moderately continental. If you are going to visit the town in summer, get ready to very hot weather.

And if you are planning your trip to Nikolaev in winter, you do not have to take much warm clothes since winters are mild.
The average temperature in Nikolaev is 10 °C (50 °F). The highest average temperature is in July and it is 22.3 °C (72 °F).

But it should be mentioned that hot months are July and August in Nikolaev. Sometimes the temperature rises up to 35-40 °C. The lowest average temperature is in January and it is −3.1 °C (26 °F). But check the weather forecast before coming to Nikolaev because the weather is very changeable and sometimes the temperature in winter can be -20 °C.

Autumn and spring are rather warm and beautiful seasons with rare rains. Average relative humidity is 73% per year; the lowest is in August (60%) and the highest in December (86%).
As we have already mentioned it is often windy in Nikolaev. The North winds are prevailing here. The windiest weather is in February; July, August and September are the least windy months.

But regardless when you are going to come to Nikolaev, we are sure that this town will meet you with friendly and warm atmosphere.

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