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Nikolaev Zoo

Nikolaev Zoo is considered to be the largest and one of the most famous zoos in Ukraine. It is the third largest zoo in Europe after the Monaco zoo and Naples zoo. There is a great variety of animals there. You will have an opportunity to see tigers, lions, foxes, wolves, bison, bears, monkeys and many other animals. Nikolaev zoo is especially popular in summer. Thousands of visitors come here to see animals from different parts of the world. Here you can also see many excursion groups which arrive here from other cities and towns. You may join them to get to know more about animals you will see at the zoo.

We advise you to come to the zoo early in the morning. The territory of the zoo is quite large. It covers an area of about 18.48 hectares (45.7 acre), so it may take a whole day to watch all animals. The collection of the zoo numbers about 452 species and 4,500 animals. More than 220 species of them are listed in the Red Book. 90 species are presented here only among all Ukrainian zoos.

Nikolaev Zoo (Ukrainian Mykolaiv Zoo) was founded by Nikolai Pavlovich Leontovich in April 26, 1901. At first it was just an aquarium. Those times Leontovich achieved great popularity, his collection was widely known in Russia and Europe.

Nowadays the aquarium has three thousand of exhibits and is divided into a number of sections. You will have a unique chance to see such fishes as gauri, macropodus, viviparus and other exotic fish. You will see the representatives of sea and river waters from all over the world in aquarium of Nikolaev Zoo.

Nikolaev Zoo is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums WAZA. It is an interesting fact that there are about 8000 of zoos all over the world and only 254 of them are the members of this prestigious organization. You will have unique chance to visit this place which you will never forget.

The conditions in which animals live here are very good; animals live in spacious enclosures which imitate the natural habitat of every animal.

If you are going to visit Nikolaev or the South of Ukraine, we suggest you to visit Nikolaev zoo. This place is really worth seeing. You will never forget the day you visited it.

54003, Ukraine, Nikolaev, Mykola Leontovich Sq., 1

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